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You do know Derek doesn’t HAVE to spend countless hours setting up a dope ass grid for long drivers to hit and compete at right?

I hope he doesn’t spend 3 seconds of his life giving your bull//XXX// post the time of day.

You sound so classless and bitter bringing up the entry fee on a public forum to the guy running the event. Send him a private message if you need specific answers.

This guy is a Vet, been running high quality events for years and now you want to beef about entry fees? Hitters know what they are hitting for. If they don’t like it, they can follow the results on the sweet new World Longdrive App.

Your posts are garbage. Delete your account.
Can i ask why is longdrive SOOO expensive to enter?

I mean 900 dollars to enter or return flights from New York to London for 2

What are the prizes?
It just seems bizarrely disproportional to me for hitting a few balls in a field to win each other money?
Why so much?

Just curious

Master Event Registry / Legends Long Drive Event Hooksett, NH June 30
« Last post by legendsbob on June 21, 2018, 10:39:16 PM »
We are hosting a mini tour event on June 30, Check out our website for details. or call 603-627-0099
Classifieds and Wanted to Buy Ads / Dyna works heads
« Last post by bushwood on June 18, 2018, 07:29:23 PM »
I know it’s avlong shot but wanted to see if anyone has one of these heads laying around. I don’t do ld anymore but wanted to see about finding one of these.let me know if you can help
Classifieds and Wanted to Buy Ads / Re: 5 Callaway xr16 for sell
« Last post by supajsn98 on June 18, 2018, 01:41:13 PM »
PM sent

Classifieds and Wanted to Buy Ads / 5 Callaway xr16 for sell
« Last post by Bobbyjones on June 17, 2018, 01:31:10 PM »
Hey Guys, i'm selling my 5 Callaways drivers xr16 5 degree heads.

I also have a lot of high end shaft with adaptors.

Please contact me via pm for offers or to tell me your need i will tell you if I have the set up for you

Open, Masters and Womens Competitors,

I will be hosting 3 independent events for Open, Masters, and Womens Division at the WLDA Qualifiers at the Air Force Academy July 19/20

The events will take place after the qualifying events. The Format is as follows.

16 entries per division. We will do the points format and the Top 8 competitors will advance to the quarterfinals.

In the Quarter Finals we will have have two rounds of 4 hitters. The top two hitters from each round will qualify for the semi - finals

Semi - Finals will consist of 4 hitters with the top 2 advancing to the Finals

Finals will be a shootout with 8 balls to determine the winner.

Entry is First come first serve and is open to all competitors. Competitors are not confirmed until full payment is made.

Open Entry $900

Womens/Masters Entry - $700

Send Checks to

Mile High Power Golf Events
8484 Oak Way
Arvada CO 80005

Venmo Payments - @Derek-Hines-2

Contact Derek Hines for Details


General LongDrivers Forum / Re: New Long Drive Record!
« Last post by The_Power on June 08, 2018, 01:30:37 PM »
Shouldn't even matter, at 48" USGA the clubs are nothing like as long as we use to swing back in the day.

Given 8 balls and told all they need to do is get one in the grid, any long drive competitor should be confident of doing this with their competition club.
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: New Long Drive Record!
« Last post by TheDoctor on June 08, 2018, 12:56:54 PM »
that is a sad state.  I believe 12* max is a rule, or was.  Every LDer should have a 12* club in their bag for just such an occasion.
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: What happened in Atlantic City final?
« Last post by The_Power on June 08, 2018, 12:46:33 PM »
Yes it can, the LDE set up a grid at Denham Golf Club in London that at 300 yards laser measured 10 yards longer on the left line than the right ::)
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