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All are one time pulls unless stated otherwise are build 48” Krank FX or Callaway XR16, prices are shipped OBO

All CPM at 270 +/- 2

(1)FUJI PRO 53k $125
(3) FUJI FLYWIRES 3x Blue paint $100 each
(1) NEW FUJI FLYWIRE 3x blue paint $150
(1) XPHLEXXX BUSA 2 white color change paint $125
(2) XPHLEXXX BUSA 2 purple ion paint $75 each
(1) XPHLEXXX BUSA 2 greenie paint $75
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: 2018 US SENIOR LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIP
« Last post by tgarber on July 15, 2018, 05:41:33 PM »
Hey, guys… Just spoke with Sam. I have edited the first post I made today with all the correct info. Check it out. And sign up for the freaking tournament! It’s always a good time, dudes.

Tom Garber
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: 2018 US SENIOR LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIP
« Last post by tgarber on July 15, 2018, 02:41:51 PM »
George, I originally paid $500. That was the original entry fee this year.  I believe it was $500 last year, as well. But, the entries went down, in my opinion, because it was moved to July. So the entry fee is now $250 for all divisions except the Majestic division, which is $100.

 I will now be hitting in 2 divisions, where as I was originally hitting only in the grand champions division. But, since I’ve already paid $500, that’s the same as two divisions so I will hit in the super senior division instead of getting reimbursed $250. Which is nice... because I get to compete two days instead of one.

I’m sure that’s clear as mud now.
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: 2018 US SENIOR LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIP
« Last post by Animal on July 15, 2018, 11:47:41 AM »
       Some people pay 500? Some people in same division pay250?
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: 2018 US SENIOR LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIP
« Last post by tgarber on July 15, 2018, 10:14:12 AM »
Hey, guys… Change on the entry fee. It’s $250 to register for any division. $500 to hit in two divisions. So… Please spread the word to your senior hitter friends? If you guys have sent in a $500 entry fee for one division, you may hit in another division. For those not eligible to hit in more than one division, I do not know if Sam will be reimbursing anyone the $250 difference.  Sam lowered the entry fee  to generate more interest. Moving the event from late September to July may have been the reason for less entries. For those who do not wish to hit in two divisions or are only old enough to hit in the senior division, you will be reimbursed $250.

The deadline to register has been extended a week to July 22. It’s always great to see everyone and I promise you will have a great time! Hope to see everyone there!

Here’s Sam‘s mailing address to send your registration fee in.  Make sure to put which division you’re heading in in the memo field on your check.  $250 check payable to Sam Turner. $250 for each additional division.

Mail to:

Sam Turner
6565 Majors Ln
Decatur, Illinois  62521
Master Event Registry / Re: Legends Long Drive Event Hooksett, NH June 30
« Last post by supajsn98 on July 11, 2018, 03:17:54 PM »
How'd the event go?
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: Will the sport of Longrive ever change gear?
« Last post by Allen on July 10, 2018, 04:16:52 PM »

We can agree there is not much interest in the sport. If there was a 5x champion would be a household name. Will Hogue would also be on the cover of ESPN Mag for having a dominating season. Most haven’t a clue who they are

It’s time to go a different direction. There has never been a representation of competing teams outside of the Pinnacle Team. I can debate with you that during its time The Pinnacle Team was more well known then the guys who hit for them.

Formats would need to change but based on a team approach many different styles of formats could be tried.  Golfers are more interested to see Team Callaway hitting against Team Red Bull etc... Now companies have a reason to get involved. Right now what is the point for sponsors to put any money in.

Even the team concept in Golf is extremely popular(Ryder Cup)

I’m sure they are chomping at the bit to have Maurice Allen represent them.  The individual side has been played out and failing except on a small scale.

Time to think outside the box
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: Will the sport of Longrive ever change gear?
« Last post by NITROFORCE on July 10, 2018, 09:16:52 AM »
That would be cool to watch....

Team Callaway
Team Taylormade
Team SMT

I believe Team Callaway won last year with Team Krank coming in second.  Team MOI also took a first in the Masters, but who would know that since it wasn't televised.  What about team Volvik?  They won every event.

So HOW would it be any different if there were teams?  Seems to me there already is a team thing going on.  I don't see any way that it would be more interesting/cool if they did this unless there was a format change.  And if a format change were to occur the viewer will be even more confused as to what is going on and who won.

LD on TV is boring to watch.  It's an entertainment spectacle that has 20 minutes worth of WOW if you are there in person at the event.  On TV it's less, it a perspective problem.  Pictures of the Grand Canyon verses going to the Grand Canyon type of thing.  It is never going to grow on from TV coverage.  The viewer is probably initially hooked on seeing the swings, the ball flight tracker, and the numbers, but after that, time to grab the remote and see something else.  They are not getting anything else from the viewing experience.  What else could they possible get? 

If the viewer is not getting a dopamine hit to release EOP, ZERO pleasure from the experience.  There is no carnage, conflict, or shock value.  No sex, no music, or anything underlying that the viewer could identify as pleasurable either.  Listening to the commentation  from Art is OK, but the other guys/gals is needless dribble that is annoying.  You have 2 other guys in the booth that have probably never hit a ball over 300yards giving technical analysis of things they have never done.  Put Pavlet and Fister in the booth with Art and I'll listen.  At least they have experience to chat about.

Since the perspective can't be captured on TV, no sex, no carnage, no rock and roll, drama is pumped for value.  LD DRAMA? ha.  You have a better shot at comedy than drama. The last any only means you will get golfers to watch is to add technical information about the club, ball, swing, training, or any other scientific aspect that the viewer could take away from watching.  I would bet more people watch one of the LDers on Morning Drive talk about LD and hit balls into a screen than watch the WLDC.  WHY?  Information and/or tips.  Golfers are helplessly addicted, confused, and in an endless cycle of the pursuit of mastery.  They have enough drama, they want info.

And the GC and the WLDC is doing anything but give the golfer a glimpse of what they want to see or hear.  Most of us go to the range and practice, and when there end up chatting with some golfers who see it on TV.  What do they talk about?  They don't know any of the names of the competitors, they vaguely remember the winning yardage, it was some big guy, tall guy, or other that " I think won".  2-3 minutes worth of conversation.  Then they proceed to talk about the LDer they once met at an event, or saw at a golf expo and met as well. 5-10 minutes of conversation which is a story about the interaction.  After that it is questions about the ball, the club, the swing, training, etc., all worth 20 minutes plus.  Golfers are interested, but not on what is on TV.  They watch on LD on TV for 30 minutes and can't remember 30 seconds worth.  They have an interaction personally with an LDer for 2 minutes they talk about it for
10 minutes.  They know NOTHING about the sport, the ball, club, swing, or training, and it ends being 30 minutes of interest.  And they end up watching next time on TV wanting to see/hear more and they don't get it.  Time to turn the channel.

Ok, enough for now, the "Walking Dead" rerun is on and it's Team Zombie verses Team Human this morning.  Don't want to miss that.
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: Will the sport of Longrive ever change gear?
« Last post by beasty on July 10, 2018, 07:44:37 AM »
Great point Phil......  This sport shouldn’t be an individual sport. Spectators don’t care who the longest hitter is but they do care what the longest club is.  This should be a team sport with club manufacturers on display.  Team Callaway vs Team Taylor Made would draw interest. Now all manufacturers are sponsors and the golfing public knows Team Callaway kicked the crap out of Team Taylor Made or vice versa.  Let the individual component be a subset of the main team attraction. It’s backasswards right now

That would be cool to watch....

Team Callaway
Team Taylormade
Team SMT
General LongDrivers Forum / Re: Will the sport of Longrive ever change gear?
« Last post by TheDoctor on July 10, 2018, 07:09:29 AM »
what Allen said +1.
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