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shaft length
« on: December 19, 2003, 12:04:48 PM »
in adding to your post Bill,  It seems the LDA wants to get as close to usga length to make us not look like a 'freak' show but i think thats kinda what makes us unique.Kinda keeps us the same but also keeps us seperate in a notched up class.In my opinion i kinda like a 50"limit,more people would give it a shot and then we'd grow more!lotta guys showed they can still go long with the shorter shaft.

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Shaft length
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2003, 12:13:06 PM »
If anything, we're going to see things become more competitive.  There will be more consistency, fewer LDers going 0-fer.  In some of the competition that i've seen (though i'm still new around here), the 2nd hitter has a great advantage, becuase the first hitter hits all 6 balls.  The 2nd hitter then knows how hard they have to hit it.  

I think guys like Pav, Animal, Wolter, BMartin and of course "The Real Deal" Burger will become even more deadly (sorry I know i didn't include all of the big hitters, would run out of room!) because there will be more pressure to go "long" not just "in".  

If it was alternate balls, there would be more pressure to go long, instead of "just try to get one in" because you don't know what the final distance of your competitors are until the last ball.  I know this would take longer, but i think it's something that should be looked into.  Perhaps alternate sets of 2, or 3?  Any thoughts?



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shaft length
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2003, 05:11:48 PM »
Everyone, the USGA is setting a 48" limit, which is roughly the same as 50" by LDA standards.  Some guys are already hitting clubs well within this limit (I think Pavlet hits 49" LDA).  I think that some of us may actually gain distance as a result of a shorter club.

If the LDA decides to go with the USGA ruling (which they DEFINETLY should), it would give some more credibility to the sport of long drive.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sick of hearing about how big of a difference the equipment makes, and how they aren't much shorter than the LD guys with the same clubs.

It would be very hypocritical to ignore the clublength ruling by the USGA.  If we decide that that rule isn't good, why should we follow their ruling on clubhead size and why should we follow their COR ruling?  I think this is an all or nothing issue.  We either have to follow the rules of golf or completely dissociate ourselves with it.  I think that following the rules of golf and being tied closely to golf will help gain interest among the golf community and allow more people to give the sport a try.

Roach, I think the altrenate shot format we use now is perfect exept for the fact that two people use the same clock.  I think that each player should get their own 3 minutes, or maybe less.  The sport needs to move faster.  I don't see the advantage of alternate sets.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!



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shaft length
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2003, 08:38:56 PM »
what you just said completly conflicts with the point you are trying to make.  You are saying either disassociate ourselves with usga, or follow the usga strictly?  You support following the usga stating it will bring more players, I totally agree, but why should we have a time limit then?  On the PGA tour as long as the golfer isnt being rediculous he doesnt have a time limit, why should we?  Saying it would be best to follow the usga rules but then saying we need a time limit?  What if some of us set up slower or try to focus for a little longer than others?


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shaft length
« Reply #4 on: December 26, 2003, 03:17:58 AM »
Casey, if there was no limit do you have any idea how damn boring it would be to watch?  PGA has a time limit to keep the audience entertained and the LDA has it for the same reasons as well as time constraints.  If some of us take a little longer, 3 minutes is plenty of time.  I don't want to sit in the stands and watch someone sit and stare at the ball for a minute before each shot.

Making a time limit doesn't to anything to contradict any USGA rule.  Before you start saying I'm contradicting myself how about you look at the USGA rules.  Lets look at rule 6-7 note 2:"For the purpose of preventing slow play, the Committee may, in the conditions of a competition (Rule 33-1), lay down pace of play guidelines including maximum periods of time allowed to complete a stipulated round, a hole or a stroke."  The LDA (the Committee) is preventing slow play by making a maximum period of time allowed to complete a "stipulated round" or in our case, a set of six balls.  This is strictly following the rules as written in the USGA Rules of Golf.

And if you want to keep going on about how some people need more time than others, let me ask you a question.  Why do you need so much time?  In golf you sometimes need to consider your lie, look at the pin, decide what kind of shot to hit to what pin, what club, etc.  In long drive you don't need to consider all those factors.  You go up to the tee knowing what club you're going to hit and where you want to hit it and with what ball flight.  Or you just have your club and are thinking "RIP IT!".  Three minutes is more than enough.

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shaft length
« Reply #5 on: December 26, 2003, 03:44:51 AM »
Hey.................... Tim I think that your right about that! I don't think that you need much time. I mean there are people that hit and still have time on the clock left over. If anything I think that they need to manage there time. I don't remember which Lady in the open division was hitting but I remember that she still had about a 1:30 on the clock. she should have stepped back and thought about what she was doing.  There are also those that take forever and hit there last ball with 05 sec on the clock. So I think that some people need to manage there time better!
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