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WLD Kickoff
« on: January 21, 2020, 08:47:20 AM »
They held the WLD Kickoff yesterday at the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando (I did not go, before you ask) and sent the following info out afterwards, thought I would share as there are quite a few changes this year. If anyone is interested in the attachments that were sent out PM me your email address and I will forward what was sent out, there was a 27 page slide show that goes a long with the list below.

Some of the big take aways:
Thackerville out at Championship host and Cog Hill in Chicago will host this year. They are also taking sets down from 8 balls to 6! I like this change a lot.
Volvik out and the Top Flite Bomb in as official ball.
I am a little disappointed that there were no "old school" hitters elected into the advisory panel. I thought Zuback would be in for sure, though he is included in the Master's Division hitter on the WLD page and I don't remember he being there the last few years.

Below is a summary of the key items shared during the WLD Kickoff meeting in January 2020:
1. WLD Championship 2020 – headed to the #3 media market in the U.S. – Chicago!
2. Q-Series – update branding and added a “Play In” for Tour events at select locations
3. Event Incentives – incentivize partners to run events by granting world ranking points
4. WLD Championship – expand the Open field to 112 to increase global and grassroots
participation and reward top Hitters in world rankings
5. WLD Global Summit – 12 countries participating in summit in London
6. Asia – add a new Q-Series in six Chinese cities along with Thailand and Japan
7. Top Flite – new ball to be used at Q-Series, Tour and WLDC and available at retail
8. 6 Golf Balls – change from 8 to 6 balls at Q-Series, Tour and WLDC to put a premium on
accuracy, create faster action and reduce fatigue
9. Match Play Alternate Shot – change to “two on the box” alternating drives to create
greater head-to-head action
10. New Sponsors – adding Stratusphere Gin (the perfect name for WLD!) and Top Flite
11. Digital Content – adding a pre-game show to Tour telecasts and launching new web site
12. Women’s Participation – partner with Amateur Long Drive on a women’s camp & event
13. Advisory Panel – creation of a new athlete advisory group with Alexis Belton, Martin
Borgmeier, Eddie Fernandes, Phillis Meti, Ryan Reisbeck and Ryan Steenberg
14. Coach Access – creation of a formal policy to provide coach access to the range and
promote coach availability on the web site
15. Event Policies – expanded CT testing of equipment & align with USGA on tee equipment
16. Code of Conduct – expanded policy with infractions and appeal process
17. Masters World Ranking – release of a top 10 world ranking
18. Hitter Perks – creation of incentives to reward performance and differentiate top
Hitters, such as a Tour card, VIP access, digital content and more
19. Anti-Doping – provide education and a preview of the program for 2020
20. Sportradar Partnership – first step of education toward legalized gambling


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Re: WLD Kickoff
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2020, 11:09:21 PM »
Are they actually going to drug test this year?

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Re: WLD Kickoff
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2020, 07:40:30 AM »
Clearly not
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Re: WLD Kickoff
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2020, 09:37:12 AM »
Are they actually going to drug test this year?

 "Anti-Doping – provide education and a preview of the program for 2020"
----is all that the brilliant minds could come up with at this point as they watch so many of the top level guys cycle their programs around their injection days!!!   Its incredible to sit back and continue to watch the allowed CHEATING & obvious overlook of this situation still...
test at events and even at unannounced times for those who compete regularly now still on this facade of a tour they have...    its all about the $$ now...