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Re: British Open
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   Thanks.....   So my question would be? Why do they look the way they look? Do they want the burned out, disease filled fungus dog track look? That's a serious question by the way?

Hi George

There’s not a simple answer but I can point you in the right direction.

Golf in Scotland is very conservative, women shouldn’t play it etc. Keeping true to the roots of the sport, not changing the looks, it goes on.

There’s one course for every 10k people in Scotland, highest in the world, declining numbers playing it, so tight budgets.

I’m with you, I don’t like links courses and don’t play them, I prefer parkland courses, I played a nice one today, hope that helps.

Whoops, sorry beasty,

Forgot bout the weather, I’ve noticed over the last decade or so there’s been a lot of drainage upgrading going on, we’re getting flash flooding n stuff in the uk in general, a 200 yr old bridge in England was washed away couple years ago, things are changing, drainage improvements are expensive and more of a priority than greens probably, but I have noticed some weird colours in greens, it’s like stuff is growing that couldn’t grow before because it wasn’t warm enough, jeez  ::)
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