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Wow---what happened ?
« on: July 17, 2017, 11:51:22 AM »
Trying to grasp what happened at the Bash For Cash Tour event yesterday in Port Robinson Ontario with CARL WOLTER and why a Two time World Champion would leave early or before a potential/possible playoff with B Champion for the Spot being given to the highest non qualified finisher in the tour event.   (his points earned in qualifier rounds showed him as that person!)

     what I'm being told ( Ryan Reisbeck's Twitter reply's) is CARL was aware of situation and still chose to leave the event and not try to win a  playoff instead of hitting the highway...    That in fact Michael Knox let Carl know---yet he still chose to leave?   Seems very strange after the $$ , time and energy spent to go and attend and attempt to win both this coveted spot as well as be in the tour event itself!   then just pack up and leave...

anyone who may have info and be able to open up and share the full situation ---please do so for us all


     looks as if KNOX won the spot from the playoff...