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KLDG 2017 June 17th
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:45:16 PM »
Kytäjä long drive games 2017

June 17th 2017 - Kytäjä Golf, Kytäjäntie 1265, 05720 Hyvinkää, Finland

Game 1 Amateur Division 0900-1200
-Shootout 0900 - 1100, final for the two longest at 1150
-Try LD equipment or use your own driver
-Get feedback: Distance, ball  speed, club head speed etc.
-Entry fee 20€ includes  one 6 ball set (10€ for each extra set)
-Prizes: Golf Balance gift cards 1st 100€, 2nd 50€

Game 2 Open division - 1200-1600
-Seeding rounds  2x6 ball set, starting at 1200 (players with a score advance)
-Bubble sort round, 6 ball set, 8 players advance
-Match play finals, 6 ball sets
-Entry fee 100€
-Prizes: 100% of the entries will go to the purse, top 4 gets paid

Game 3 Team Finland  vs Team Sweden  1600-1700
-Players rankings for each team are based from Game 2 by the longest drives
-Finland 1 vs Sweden 1, Fin2 vs Swe2, etc..
-All matches 1x6 ball set, winner earns 1 point for the team
-Minimum 4 players each team
-No entry fees, prizes are pride and glory for the winning team

Welcome to Finland!
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Re: KLDG 2017 June 17th
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2017, 04:45:49 PM »
Here are the results of the KLDG 2017.

Saku Korhonen 315m 313m vs Teemu Pitkänen 312m OB
Aleksi Kivini 292m 295m 294m vs Andreas Persson 289m 310m 282m

Saku Korhonen 312m 312m vs Aleksi Kivini 288m 307m

Winner Saku Korhonen - Congratulations!

1st Saku Korhonen FIN longest ball 327m Mutant/HOF
2nd Aleksi Kivini FIN  308m X2hot and Mutant/Anamkara, HOF and Vertigo
T3rd Andreas Persson SWE 319m Krank/Aldila
T3rd Teemu Pitkänen FIN 312m Krank F7/Fujikura

Antti Saleva FIN 315m Cobra/HOF and UST
Marko Mustonen FIN 299m Krank F6 and Mutant/HOF
Peter Fallström FIN 305m Cobra/HOF
Jyrki Sytelä FIN 274m Krank F5/Fujikura

The grid was still very wet and soft from all the rain we got earlier during the week. The weather turned out to be nice and sunny with a small cross wind. It was an excellent competition with a full range to warm up next to the competition grid, all the distances were called immediately back to the tee box and it was a fair and fun format to hit. Our grand stand was almost full of spectators and we enjoyed complimentary refreshments during the rounds. Easily the best competition in long drive this year. Our competition and the winner got mentioned during the live coverage of the US Open in the local tv, they were wondering if Dustin Johnson would hit it longer than our winner. (They got it wrong LOL) Unfortunately we had to cancel the Finland vs Sweden match again due to lack of interest.
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