Author Topic: Kytäjä long drive games 2016 in Finland  (Read 2007 times)

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Kytäjä long drive games 2016 in Finland
« on: June 12, 2016, 05:16:03 PM »
I am writing this on the behalf of the organizers, they are not incepta members yet.

23.7.2016 Kytäjä Golf
- Kytäjäntie 1265, 05720 Hyvinkää, Finland

Game 1 Amateur Shootout
- Try LD equipment or use your own driver
- Get feedback: distance, ball speed, club head speed etc.
- Entry fee 15€, includes 3 balls
- Prize for the longest drive : TBA

Game 2 Pro Event - Points race + Match Play
- At least 4x6 balls for everyone
- Match plays final 4 (highest points earned from the points race)
- Entry fee 100€
- Prizes: Entry fees go to the purse. Final 4 + 2 lucky losers
- Seniors (40+) may agree about a separate competition on-site
- Registration:

Game 3 Team Finland vs. Team Sweden
- Teams are formed based on the points race
- Team Finland Rank 1 vs Team Sweden Rank 1, F2 vs S2 etc.
- All matches best of 3, winner earns 1 point for the team
- Min 4 players each team
- No entry fee, prizes are pride and glory for the winning team.

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Re: Kytäjä long drive games 2016 in Finland
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2016, 04:51:46 PM »
We laid out the grid today. It is a huge range, at least 380 meters long and there is rough grass at the end. The grid will be 50 meters wide. There's plenty of room to warm up and to hit drives right next to the competition tee, range balls are regular golf balls (Srixon ad333) and free for competitors. Tee box is elevated about 10 meters. It is a pretty awesome set up. Let me know, if you have any questions, I might be able to answer or I can deliver the message.

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Re: Kytäjä long drive games 2016 in Finland
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2016, 01:44:08 PM »
Sadly I have to inform that the FIN vs SWE team event has been cancelled (game 3) do to lack of interest. If I have any juice left in my cell phone, I will try to do the Periscope in the finals of the individual competition (unless I'm in the finals myself).
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Re: Kytäjä long drive games 2016 in Finland
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2016, 03:17:57 PM »
Lots of cancellations, but we had a fine ld competition never the less. We tried a new format. Insted of points race that was planned earlier, all the competitors favoured the bubble sort format. We had three guys on the tee during three seeding rounds, six balls each in every set, including tie breakers. After the seeding rounds we had two bubble sort rounds, two lders on the tee, six balls each. 9th vs 8th and the winner faces the 7th seed, the winner of that match stays on the tee and faces the 6th seed and so on. You can only drop one place, but you can climb as many as you can, if you keep winning the matches. So we had two of these bubble sort rounds. That was minimum of five rounds each. We had the top four then in the finals, best out of three sets in match play. It is a very good format, but you don't really need the three rounds for seeding the players. The longest was Aleksi Kivini in the first round in the bubble sort 328,2m.

Marko Mustonen 295,5m 292,7m OB vs Aleksi Kivini OB 316,1m 308m
Saku Korhonen 307m 301,5m vs Teemu Pitkänen 313,3m 320m

Teemu Pitkänen 324,7m 323,2m vs Aleksi Kivini 309,9m 311,5m

1st Teemu Pitkänen longest ball 327,4m Callaway Brute/Vertigo shaft
2nd Aleksi Kivini longest ball 328,2m Callaway/Vertigo shaft
T3rd Saku Korhonen longest ball 312,8m Krank Rage/?
T3rd Marko Mustonen 295,4m Callaway/Vertigo shaft

5th Peter Fallström 301,9m ?/?
6th Juha-Matti Hyttinen (maybe 45 balls in the grid in 9 sets!) 288,6m Callaway/Vertigo shaft
7th Esko Nurminen 285,9m ?/?
8th Jyrki Sytelä 284,4m Krank Callaway / Fujikura Vertigo
9th Jarkko Härkönen 254,0m (first competition in open division) ?/?

Average roll approximately 3 meters.
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