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We have started a Facebook Page with the same name.  Please like it and share with others.  I will make an attachment and continue to update with more specific details but basically, it looks like the following:

AMATEUR DIVISION (1st 8 Entries / Intended for those new to the sport) - SATURDAY, MAY 21st - Entry Fee $100
LADIES DIVISION (1st 8 Entries)- SATURDAY, MAY 21st - Entry Fee $425
MENS SENIOR DIVISION (1st 8 Entries) - SATURDAY, MAY 21st - Entry Fee $425
MENS OPEN DIVISION (1st 32 Entries) - SUNDAY, MAY 22nd - Entry Fee $425

100% payout of entry fees (including trophy to each champion).  Amateur division will be paid in golf shop credit.  All others paid by check.  The possibility exists of adding money to the purse but there is no guarantee because this is our first year and we do not know how sponsorships and miscellaneous expenses will work out.

Approximate timing of activities is as follows:
SATURDAY, MAY 21st  (Amateur, Ladies, Seniors Divisions)                     
7:45 AM   Range Opens                         
9:00 AM   Amateur Qualifying         
10:00 AM   Ladies Qualifying              
11:00 AM   Seniors Qualifying      
1:00 PM   Amateur Finals
2:00 PM   Ladies Finals
3:00 PM    Seniors Finals

Sunday, May 22nd (Mens Open)
7:45 AM  Range Opens
9:00 AM  Mens Open Qualifying Begins
2:00 PM  Mens Open Finals Begins

I will update this with approximate payouts and more specific details very soon.

WE WILL NEED 20 PAID ENTRIES BY APRIL 20TH TO ENSURE THE EVENT WORKS PROPERLY!  FILL OUT THE ENTRY AND SEND IT IN ASAP.  I would consider expanding the AM, Ladies & Seniors Divisions to more players if interest warrants the expansion.

Questions?  Email: or call my cell 574-835-5418

WE are located in ROCHESTER, INDIANA

The entry form is in an attachment but for some reason its not totally viewable yet. I will work on this.  Also, I had requested entries be sent in the form of a check but someone already suggested PAYPAL.  I could do that as well.

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Re: 2016 BASH at the ROUND BARN (Rochester, Indiana) - May 21st & 22nd
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Any update on this event ? I sent in entry form and $$... Is the event getting traction ?


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Re: 2016 BASH at the ROUND BARN (Rochester, Indiana) - May 21st & 22nd
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I was out of town but checked the mail today and did get your entry.  We have several but not a bunch yet.  I will hold the check for now and cash them once we get a minimum of 20.  Our drop dead date is April 20th so we still have plenty of time.  Thanks for getting the entry in early.