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COLD Shootout Women & Senior Results
« on: August 23, 2015, 09:19:49 PM »
Another great day on the grid. Beautiful weather at 25*c with a steady left to right wind. The Women started the day off with 2 newcomers to the sport trying their hand at LD for the first time. Welcome to the sport ladies. In the end Fareen Samji took the win and we had another repeat winner at this years COLD Shootout.


Fareen Samji. 306 yards  Geek/Accra
Isabel Starck. OB  Geek/Accra

3rd place
Sue Westwood  Geek/?

The wind starting blowing a little harder as the Senior's made their way thru the brackets. The finals saw the 2 guys that traveled the furthest to be at this years COLD.  The finals was exciting to watch as a walk off shot from the Winnipeg Manitoba native Scott Cameron rolled out for the longest shot of the day to just surpass Michael Kinney from PA, USA.


Scott Cameron  343 yards  Krank/Flywire  $780
Michael Kinney  327 yards  Adams/HOF  $300

3rd place
John Kruzel  Krank/HOF

Thanks again to all of the competitors that took part this weekend. Without the hitters there wouldn't be an event. Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club went above and beyond as always to make sure that everyone was looked after for the entire time that we were there. Thanks to their staff and providing a premier facility to host the event. Geek Golf has been a part of our event for a couple of years now. We thank them for their continued support.  The Quantum Driving Canada staff are looking forward to being back at Tangle Creek next year for our 7th year.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@ONlongdrive @QDcanada) Info for our 2016 events will be posted late 2015.

Good luck to everyone this year for the remaining of the 2015 season!

Quantum Driving Canada staff
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