Author Topic: MAURO BENAGLIO wins the Slovenia LDET Championship  (Read 1433 times)

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MAURO BENAGLIO wins the Slovenia LDET Championship
« on: June 15, 2015, 08:12:51 AM »
Mauro Benaglio (Switzerland) Champion of the Slovenia LDET

June 13th 2015- LJUBLJANA. Mauro Benaglio (Shark Attack) ,the Swiss player of the Volvik LDET, won the Slovenia LDET Championship beating Maurice Allen (Exotics) with a best hit of 350 yards after playing three sets in the final. The third tournament of the season was held at the Golf Arboretum, near Ljubiljana.

Hits against wind
It was a sunny and warm day, but the wind appeared soon to fight against the hitters.  The qualifying groups started at 11am in the morning with sixteen framed players. We saw amazing hits from the LDET bombers as Scott Beaven (370y, ENG) and Maurice Allen (365y, USA). The longest ball of the day was for the Danish Frederik Frost with a bomb of 373 yards and he was also awarded with a Mutant Brute Driver. The Spanish Adrián Sánchez, finished in third place, beating Frost in the game for that position.

Three sets to decide the champion
Benaglio and Allen came on merit to the final of this Volvik LDET tournament and thrilled the healthy crowd at Golf Arboretum, who came out in the blistering cold to support the biggest hitters in Europe. Both players played three sets to decide who is going to be champion as in one of the sets the American player went surprisingly OB. The Swiss player triumphed over his opponent with a best hit of 350 yards.
Belgium, next stop…
The fourth stop of the Volvik LDET circuit will be the Belgium LDET Championship which will be a second for this country and which will be held on 3rd and 4th July. The event will take place at the Mont Garni Golf Club near the capital, Brussels. See you there long drivers!

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