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2015 Rockwell Long Drive Championship

Friday July 17th   8:30 am   Pro-am Charity Golf Tournament
                                   5:00 pm   High School Long Drive Challenge Preliminary Rounds

Saturday July 18th   9:00 am to 4:00 pm   Rockwell Long Drive Championship Preliminary Rounds
                                        6:00 pm to 8:00 pm   FINALS - High School Challenge and Rockwell Long Drive Championship

List of Competitors:

List of Competitors:
1. Kevin Hennessy
2. Jim Carriel
3. Rob Tiettmeyer
4. Chad Klein
5. Will Hogue
6. Spencer McDaniel
7. Ben Tuaone
8. Dan Lambert
9. Troy Teal
10. Kevin Shook
11. Jason Frey
12. Cam Swanson
13. Seth Ellsworth
14. Mike Dobbyn
15. Steve Summers
16. Adam Wilson
17. Mitch Dobbyn
18. Matt Cardon
19. Rahim Mohamed
20. RichE Moore
21. Ryan Reisbeck
22. Luis Saavedre
23. Chris Bennetts
24. Brennon Richardson
25. Josh Crews
26. Jim Waldron
27. Myles Debrincat
28. Randy Hunt
29. Jesse Pettersen
30. Joshua Penn
31. Randall Dawson
32. Miles Mulkey
33. Trent Scruggs
34. Matt Hanger
35.  Kevin Stracener
36. Luke Beck
37. Cory Blaydes
38. Mark Frampton
39. Lance Reader
40. Chad Ellis

Rockwell Long Drive Championship - Competition Details

- Registration is required, entry fee is $750. To register contact Ryan Reisbeck at or call/text 801-628-5340.
- Purse will be at least 100% of total entry fees and will breakdown in accordance with Exhibit B below.
- Field is limited to the first 32 competitors that register unless demand is sufficient to expand to 48. A competitor is considered registered when the entry fee is received.   Please register as soon as possible so it can be determined if it is necessary to expand the field.
- Each competitor will be given 2 minutes and 45 seconds to complete a six ball set in each round other than the final and semi-final rounds. Competitors will be asked to hit simultaneously to keep the event progressing. There will be 4 hitters at a time on the tee at this event. 
- A 3 ball playoff is required for drives that separate winners or round advancements and seeding, if necessary, if drives are measured within 6 inches of each other.
- See Exhibit A below for details on the Points Format.
- Dress code of the facility will be honored.  Metal spikes are allowed but please keep off the greens.
- In case of discrepancies, all on site decisions and interpretation of the rules will be made by the site director. There will be no arbiter of the event and as such any decision or interpretation of the official rules will be considered final. This includes but is not limited to rules, postponement, rescheduling and all other decisions.  If a rule has not been addressed in writing, opposing parties can make their argument but once a decision is made it will be considered final.
- The ball must land in the grid and stay in the grid or it is considered out of bounds and will not be given a yardage. A ball touching any part of the grid is considered in play. A qualified drive cannot land outside of the grid and come back in to play; once it touches anything out of bounds it is not considered a qualified drive.  If the time runs out prior to the ball being hit that ball will not count.
- Although proper golf etiquette is not required during competition of the Rockwell Long Drive championship at no time will disorderly conduct, fighting, abusive language, intoxication, possession of firearms, and/or possession of or use of illegal substance be tolerated. Violations of this rule will be cause for immediate expulsion from the event and forfeiture of all monies paid. The site director has the right to refuse service to anyone for transgressions of this rule.
- There will be no time element during match play rounds; however, we ask that you keep play moving to ensure audience enjoyment.  Excessive delaying (more than 1 minute per shot) will not be tolerated.  A hitter will receive one warning and if delaying continues that hitter will be eliminated from competition.
-  For questions about the event or clarification of any rules please contact Ryan Reisbeck at 801-628-5340 or

*The event host reserves the right to amend the rules and format of the contest when necessary.  Fairness of play will be taken into consideration.

Exhibit A: Points Format

- A four competitor tee box will be used. Approximately 4 yards wide per tee slot.

- Round #1 - Based on a 32 man field, the field will be separated into 2 groups of 16.  Each hitter in their group of 16 will proceed through 5 sets accumulating points (8 pts - 1st place, 4 pts – 2nd place, 2 pts – 3rd place, 1 pt 4th place and 0 pts for OB) hitting against all other competitors in the group.  After the 5 sets are complete the top 6 point earners from each group will advance to the next round.  All remaining hitters are eliminated.

- Round #2 - The 3rd-6th place finishers from each of the two groups complete a six ball set and the top 2 finishers from each group of 4 move on to round #3.

- Round #3 - The 2 winners from each group in round #2 complete a six ball set, the top 2 will advance to round #4.

- Round #4 - The 2 winners from round #3 and the 2nd first place finishers from round #1 will compete in a match play set, alternating tee shots with the lower seed hitting first. 

- Round #5 - Two winners from round #4 face the 1st place finishers from round #1 and will complete in a matchplay set, alternating tee shots with the lower seed hitting first.

-  Round #6 - Championship Round - Winners from round #5 will compete in a match play set, alternating tee shots. The hitters or a coin flip will decide who hits first.

Exhibit B: Purse
30,000 Minimum Total Purse with 40 competitors.
1st – $9,000
2nd – $4,500
3rd & 4th – $3,000
5th -8th – $2,000
9th-12th – $625
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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2015, 07:15:47 PM »
The competitors list is now updated as of today May 18, 2015 and we have reached our max of 48 competitors.  At this point I will start the waiting list and if we get to 64 we competitors I would be willing to extend the field again but if you want to be on the waiting list I need to know right away.

Typically we have one or two competitors drop out so if you want to get on the waiting list there is still a chance to come play with us.

Thank you,

Ryan Reisbeck
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« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2015, 05:17:31 PM »
Really looking forward to this weekend Ryan.  I know you have worked your butt off trying to make it better every year.

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« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2015, 11:49:36 AM »
Thank you to all of those that came out to the 2015 Rockwell Long Drive Championship presented by Farmers Insurance.  We had a tremendous field of competitors and that put on a great show.  There was 6 ballin' going on all over the place and huge numbers.

Top 12 went as like this:
First: Ryan Reisbeck - Krank Formula 6 Driver with a Crazy Shaft and a Tornado Tee
Second Place: Rob Tiettmeyer - Krank Driver with Padersen shaft
Third Place: Trent Scruggs - Krank Driver with a Crazy shaft
Fourth Place: Cam Swanson - Alpha Driver with an Anmkara Shaft
Fifth Place: Troy Teal - Krank Driver with a XXXPhlex Driver
Sixth Place: Will Hogue - Callaway XR Driver
Seventh Place: Jim Waldron - Krank Driver
Eighth Place: Jesse Pettersen - Krank Formula 5 with a Crazy Shaft
Ninth Place: Matt Hanger - Callaway Driver with a HOF Platinum Shaft (I believe)
Tenth Place: Spencer McDaniel - Krank Driver with Anmkara shaft
Eleventh Place: Chris Bennetts - Krank Driver
Twelth Place: RichE Moore - Mutant Driver

I may be wrong on a few of those and I wasn't sure on a few of the shafts but I think it's mostly accurate.

Long Drive of the event and new Rockwell Record was Jim Waldron who hit a 454 yard drive who after he it turned around said "I can't hit it a ball any better than that!!!".  They said it only rolled about 25 yards and the wind was mostly left to right all day.

Great event fellas and thanks for coming out and supporting the event we were able to raise about $10,000 for JDRF through the event last time we checked.  Still a lot of pieces to pick up but by all accounts sponsors were pleased with the event and it will be bigger and better next year.

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