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MUTANT GOLF, the powerful hit of the LDET (new sponsor)
« on: March 16, 2015, 06:08:02 AM »
MUTANT GOLF, the powerful hit of the LDET

- The BRUTE driver combines piercing distance with amazing accuracy.
- It is designed by Josh Crews, one of the best long drivers on the planet.

Barcelona 16th of March. LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR, the only long drive circuit in the world and MUTANT GOLF announced today an exciting new partnership. From March 2015 Mutant becomes the new official golf sponsor of the tour for the whole season.
With this sponsorship, Mutant Golf will have brand visibility in all the championships and in the tees and grids. They will also supply some products and drivers to the LDET and will offer special deals to the LDET players. 

A present and a future bet
“Mutant Golf has made the decision to sponsor the entire 2015 Long Drive European Tour. We feel that this partnership is not only a huge step for us, but for the sport of long drive as a whole. The sport of long drive is in a very unique point in time. The last several months have shown just how strong the roots of this power packed sport really are. There have been several individuals, as well as companies such as our own stepping up to the plate to nurture and advance both the current, and more importantly future growth of the sport of long drive”, said Josh Crews, Mutant Golf President.

 “We at Mutant Golf are honored to have such a wonderful opportunity to be an integral part of the Long Drivers European Tour that is already 10 events strong and growing. We are excited to work with someone as passionate about sustainable long-term growth for our sport as they are. In just a few short months, we have been very fortunate to see our own business plan experience huge advances and successes so quickly. However, our strategy is to strive for continuous improvement, and long-term success. The 2015 LDET season is guaranteed to bring everyone involved a one-of-a-kind experience that perfectly blends raw power, elite athleticism, and a true competitive spirit that only the sport of long drive can deliver”
, he added.

Meanwhile, Xavier Eusebio, CEO & Founder of the LDET, said: “We are delighted to have secured the sponsorship of Mutant Golf. Both companies are growing very fast and this sponsorship reaffirms our commitment to grown worldwide”.

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