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Play In Event for East Coast Classic
« on: March 04, 2015, 10:11:33 PM »
There will be a Play In Event on March 27th for the East Coast Classic. Same location at the Par Tee Driving Range in Columbia,SC. Entry fee is $200 and taking 1 hitter for every 4 into the Main Event the next day. Open to players outside of the top 150 rankings. Here is the current hitters list for the Play In Event. To get in text or email Moby at 864-449-6498 or

Greg Harrold
Ben Sutton
Brady Torbitt
Kevin Hennessy- Winner into Main Event
Nick Kiefer
Bobby Peterson
Zack Hulett
Lance Reader
Kevin Stracener
Robert Carter
Colin Clark
Charlie Hamrick- Winner into Main Event
Austin Hinshaw- Winner into Main Event
Gabriel Caron Landry- Winner into Main Event
Kevin Rabinowitz
Mike Byrley

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