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2014 ILDC Wrap Up
« on: December 12, 2014, 06:39:35 PM »
Bill and I would like to thank all of the athletes, their family members and friends who attended the ILDC 2014 Internationals in the Dominican Republic this year. Without your continued support our event would cease to exist, so thank you all.

Bill and I would also like to welcome the newest members to our board of Directors committee, Bobby Peterson, Ryan Hawkins and Fareen Samji. You all share in our passion for the sport of long drive and continue to support the vision of the ILDC with the best interest of the hitters in mind. This is what the ILDC is all about, Family, and we thank you for all that you all continue to do.

This year we faced many unexpected challenges and for me personally it was a true eye opener as to how short life can really be. I personally want to thank Bill Stark and Michelle Sheptak for being there to save my butt and look after me while I was in the ICU. I also want to thank everyone who stepped up to the plate to ensure the event ran smoothly and without any issues. From the bottom of my heart can't thank you all enough.

As we wrap up 2014 and start preparing for 2015 we invite you all to look at what we do and become apart of our growing long drive family in the future. We will always try and do what's right for you the hitters and move forward in supporting you and promoting the sport of long drive.

Here are the final standings for the 2014 event, congratulations to everyone who participated this year and to those who became part of the winning alumni of the ILDC. Its an honor to have your names on the Champions trophy.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2015. ‎For further information on how you can participate in an ILDC event or become a sponsor contact us at

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! From all of us at the ILDC to you and your families we wish you all the best and a safe Holiday Season.

‎2014 ILDC Finals – Standings

Team Championships

International Team #2

Jake Hansen
Niilo Schonfeld
Carlos Abbott
Liezl Diffenthal
Brian Lawler

The international team is selected by a blind draw of all of the hitters in attendance who are not already on two teams.

Women's Division - Heather went into the Championship undefeated, meaning Fareen had to beat Heather  twice in the Finals.

1. Heather LeMaster
2. Fareen Samji
3. Liezl Diffenthal
4. Tory Healey
5. Alana Kendall
6. Charlene Ooshuizen
7. Haley Vandeberg
8. Debbie Peever
9. Cory Pond
10. Michelle Sheptak
11. Yami Le Rodriguez

Senior's Division - Brian was undefeated going into the Championship, meaning Bobby had to beat Brian twice in the finals.

1. Brian Lawler
2. Bobby Petersen
3. James East
4. Scott Kennedy
5. Stephen Lowe
6. Bram Churchill
7. Bill Dobbyn
8. Antonio Sanchez
9. Bill Stark ( withdraw)

OPEN Division - Chris was undefeated going into the Championship, meaning Kevin had to beat Chris twice in the finals.

1. Chris Mason
2. Kevin Shook
3. Niilo Schonfeld
4. Paul Larson
5. Patrick Bakerjian
6. Mitch Dobbyn
7. Mike Dobbyn
8. Ryan Huddleston
9. Sean Allen
10. Ryan Hawkins
11. Carlos Abbott
12. Mark Kitchen
13. David Dahms
14. Dalton Koopmans
15. Ian Johnston
16. Damien Payne
17. James East
18. Connor Hadaway
19. Julio Santos
20. Jake Hansen
21. Javier Nunez
22. Rick Benoit (Withdraw)

Rick Benoit
International Long Drive Challenge