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GEEK at World's.........
« on: August 20, 2014, 07:45:49 PM »

There is a very good chance I will not be there.  I can hardly walk, quite frankly.  It would be very very difficult to walk from the parking lot to the range, etc. 

At this point it's 90/10 I won't make it.  MR is in the same boat.  The Team Captain cannot make it either.  MR has been there many many times in the past...This is my 17th year in LD and this will be the 2nd time I may miss it.

There is a 10% chance I will...but.............

Anyway........All LD orders in house are going out tomorrow.  If you need anything for back up let me know (i.e. yes...full no) NOW!  And don't beat your gamers to death.

The Head Geek

Things may change..If they do I will let you know.