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« on: April 10, 2014, 02:38:10 AM »
Hello guys,

We hope all of you are well and training hard for the first big competition of the LDET season.
(We have already sent you an email with all the information)

We inform you that all of you have been invited on Friday at 19h at the Golf Sensations Opening cocktail. We will have a glass of Pomeri champagne!

Regarding the tournament: (see the schedule on the website):

- Friday 11th: free practice , registration players, free practice at the competition tee in the afternoon, some photos, cocktail and players meeting (to measure and check the clubs also).

PLAYERS MEETING: Important to attend the meeting cause we will check all the clubs and we will do the draw of the tournament.

DRAW (at 20.30 at Hotel Astrid, very close to Avenue Beach Hotel) : The top4 of last season (Miller, Persson, McSloy & Konyk) will be each one in a different group. Then we will take all the names and start the draw.
So, 4 groups of 7 players each one ( 3 sets of 6 balls ) and the best 4 of each group goes to Matchplay.

BALLS & TEES: we will use the Volvik color balls and Champ Tees as the officials of the tour.

MATCHPLAY: 16 players: 1st Group 1 against the 4th group 4, 1st Group 2 against 4th Group 3... and so on.
The best of 3 sets goes to the next round.

PRIZE MONEY: Top8 get paid
1: 1.500€
2: 750€
3: 500€
4: 250€
5-8: 180€
Longest Ball of the day: Oakley glasses
Best rookie of the tournament: Krank Driver

- Saturday 12th: Qualifying groups will start at 10am. 
We are not going to stop during the day. We expect to have the final around 17-17.30.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any question

See you very soon!