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CANCELLED..Quebec indoor long drive championship CANCELLED
« on: November 11, 2013, 08:54:32 PM »

After a really fun long drive competition last year In ontario I decide to create a long drive competition in quebec. I've been promoting that competition all around montreal city and the respond is very good. I am thinking about opening the competition to everybody. So you guys are all Invited to the party.

Who: Attending about 48 quebecer competitor + all outsiders
when: january  26 2014.
where Golf18 repentigny  Go to  (take a look at the sponsorship tab)
Why: to give back to every people who is making long drive in canada.

What is the cost: Due to the big amount of people I am attending, It will only cost 85$. Almost all the money Is going to the purse so 48 competitors x 56$=2688$ in purse*

If you want to participate it is pretty simple:
- there is some simple rules to respect. I decided to build a strict code of conduct because there is a lot of chance  that the media and journalist might be there.
-Just communicate with me

Here is mY email adress:

*if there is really 48 guys
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