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Shark Attack Skirmish
« on: March 23, 2013, 05:10:04 PM »
First, I’d like to thank Carolina Springs G.C. for their hospitality in allowing the Shark Attack Skirmish to be held at their great facility. It was a fun and challanging course and I had a great time in the Scramble tournament on Friday.
They gave us 2 options of where we would have the competition grid and because of the rain, were able to use the “back-up” grid (which was originally, the “original grid” layout). It was a great grid and very fair, and don’t think I heard one complaint. (Other than Godwin complaining about the headwind…) I hope the guys at Carolina Springs enjoyed the event as much as I did and will be first (well, second behind Sasquatch) in line to attend future events here if they choose to host more.
Second, GREAT hitting by Will Cordell! Will was Mr. Consistent and posted a solid number in every round and very deserving to be crowned the Shark Attack Skirmish LD Champ. Congrats to Trey (NOT Trent) Scruggs and Nate Chadwick for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes and posting a solid number when it came down to crunch time.
And most of all, Thanks to Shark Attack Golf’s Moby Matt and Sasquatch! This was a great first event for you guys, despite the weather and grid concern, I think everything worked out for the best! Once again, a GREAT event and something to build off of. Carolina Springs and that set up is a PERFECT place for APG-D events and hope there will be more in the future.
CANNOT wait for the Shark Attack Golf East Coast Classic!!

Kurt “The Monster” Osterman – KO77
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Re: Shark Attack Skirmish
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KO77... ur a class act big man!!!  Was a pleasure to meet you, godwin (u big bastard)... pruytt... the shark attack boys (sasquatch had the longest ball of the day o.b.)  for what its worth... and everyone else that was there.  Thanks for making that ungodly long drive worth yhe effort.  I look forward to seeing everyone in n.c. on the 18th for the satellite event.  Ko77. Pm me with ur email and cell number so i can get in touch with you to work out certain arrangements foe the event in may!!!  Great job by everyone.  I still call shenanigans on old man scruggs calling out numbers!!!  Lol!!!