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Bash for Cash Event
« on: June 01, 2012, 11:55:56 PM »
             Rick asked me to post this on INCEPTA for him


     BA$H FOR CA$H Event poster and details attached at this link

Rick Benoit
International Long Drive Challenge

Contact Rick @

      Players  “FACT SHEET” for the2012 “BASH FOR CASH” Legends Golf Course


     When:  July 21st and 22nd 2012

Where: Host Venue: Legends Golf Course – Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada

      Where: Hotel: Several Hotels in the Niagara area 15mins from event located in downtown Niagara Falls

      Divisions – Men’s Open International Event

    All Men Competitors are welcome – Age Restricted to 18 years and older

     Entry Fee - $500.00. All of the entry fee money collected will go to prize money. 100% of it!

    Prize Purse – Is solely based on entry fees. We are expecting a full field of 48 hitters. So register early.

- Therefore, in this case the prize money total $24,000.00 dollars total.
- We are offering a $10,000.00 1st place prize based on a minimum field of 28 hitters and in this case the top 4 will get paid. In the event that we fill the field the top 8 will get paid.
- All prize money will be paid in cash at the end of the event on the 22nd.
 Important to Note and Understand:  The Prize Purse is solely based on the following formula; number of   entry fees X $500.00cdn dollars. The prize purse will be paid in cash at the awards ceremony on the 22nd of July.

 Prize Money Breakdown: The Prize Purse will be paid out as follows;

- Minimum number of hitters 28 x $500.00 = $14000.00
- Maximum number of hitters 48 x $500.00 = $24,000.00
- Top Prize for 1st place $10,000.00
- In the event that we do not get the minimum field of 28 hitters, 100% of all entry money collected will be returned to the hitters who registered.
                                                              The Event Details – The “BASH”

Located in a hot Southern Ontario Hot Spot Niagara Falls Region, Casino’s, Hotels and Entertainment all at the falls

Two Day Professional Event – double knockout up to and including finals.

World Class International Athletes

Rock and Roll LIVE Band starring: “1220 Blast “

Up and coming Canadian Band who just signed a record label (Saturday Night – 8pm till Midnight)

Market Type Vending from Local Business, and international Brand Sponsors – Food, and beverages served on site.

Refreshment Garden

Media Coverage:

Sportsnet Radio, Golf Digest Canada Magazine, Facebook,, local and national public relations with Golf Digest Canada, Twitter, Instagram

Email campaign to golfing database for sponsors product

Full Page Ad in Golf Digest Canada Digital (15,000 readers )

Overall media value: $ 50,000

Registration Details

All competitors must fill out the “Registration Form” located on website, print it and mail it in with your entry fee.

Payment details are below.

Both the registration form and the $500.00 entry fee must be received before July 13, 2012.

All Cheques must be made out to the “International Long Drive Challenge” and mailed to the following:


The International Long Drive Challenge

B1475 Concession Road #8

Beaverton, Ontario (Canada)

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